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eww.yuck and friends

My personal eww config.

Install by linking or cloning to ~/.config/eww


This config includes a helper bash source which may be used to setup trackers of values. It requires an on_event emitter to already exist and should have one of the three output formats: integer, boolean, and string. Additionally, you will need to provide a poll function which exposes the information you care about.

Finally, you will need to source the main library file. When the library is in the same folder (or nearby) as the library, this may be done as:

. "$(dirname "$0")/track_anything.sh"


Your provided poll function must return a valid output as its first line and may provide log data on subsequent lines which will be emitted at the info level (stderr, single -v).

A simple example is the pulseaudio mute state poller:

poll() {
  pamixer --get-mute



  • rate_limit

    • seconds to wait between running poll (default: 1)
  • poll_interval

    • seconds to wait for an update before forcing a poll (default: 60)
    • NOTE: must satisfy poll_interval >= rate_limit
  • filter: an arbitrary command to filter the total output of the poller in a loop (default: uniq)

    • NOTE: all arguments are collected and executed with eval.
    • Example: cat will allow duplicates. uniq will filter them.

Event Emitters:

  • on_volume

    • emits on changes to pulseaudio sinks
  • on_sway

    • emits on changes to sway windows or workspaces
  • on

    • uses your own function to trigger an event which should be passed as the only argument to on
    • NOTE: the function in question must emit events as newlines with no text. multiple events may be emitted in general safety if rate_limit is > 0


  • output_integer

    • output a decimal integer
  • output_boolean

    • output a boolean (true, false)
  • output_string

    • output an arbitrary string, validated by a regex
    • args:
      • a validation regex string as the first argument (default: .*)
  • output_json

    • output an arbitrary json value, validated by jq
    • args:
      • a validation jq query which must not fail or return null (default: .)